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Magento Ecommerce Software: Now Managing 16 Million New Product Lines

Despite it being 2016, many businesses and retailers still don’t realize just how effective magento ecommerce software can be at managing their inventory and streamlining the customer order process.

Thankfully, at Kammalou we do. Much more importantly, so do our clients. This is why we are proud to have recently provided a fully scalable business to business (B2B) Magento ecommerce software solution to the leading boat and yacht part supplier, Doug Russell Marine.

However, at Kammalou, we didn’t just provide Doug Russell Marine with better product inventory and order systems integration. Rather, we implemented a fully scalable Magento Enterprise ecommerce system designed to simultaneously manage over 16 million new product lines.

What is Magento Ecommerce & how do help Businesses?

Like many retailers, Doug Russell Marine sources their retail products from an independent wholesaler and product manufacturing provider, namely the boat parts provider Sea Doo Boats.

The only problem was that prior to Kammalou implementing the scalable ecommerce software solution which we have recently provided, neither Doug Russel Marine or Sea Doo Boats could effectively manage the sale and distribution of their products in real time.

Thankfully, we helped change all this. Now, whenever a Doug Russel Marine customer is in need of everything from a specific elastic stop nut to a battery wire cap, the Magento enterprise solution which we have implemented can help Doug Russel Marine discover, ship, and order such products instantly.

Magento Ecommerce Software Which grows with Businesses as they need it Too

The benefits of a direct business to business product inventory system are simple. From drop shipping to more effectively managing in-house stock, our ecommerce software provides retailers and wholesalers with a more intelligent and cost-effective way to manage their products and inventory.

Much more importantly, with our most recent Magento B2B inventory system implementation, we’ve demonstrated unequivocally that our own ecommerce software solutions are fully capable of being scaled to meet the size and chief operation requirements of any business. The only question is, are you ready to embrace a more intelligent and cost-effective product management system?